Unlocking Dreams, Inspiring Hope

A Community Youth Center Where Kids Feel Safe

Off The Street Club, Chicago’s oldest boys and girls club, is a non-profit youth center offering children in Garfield Park a safe place to laugh, dream, and reach their full potential.

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Carefree Play

A Place For Casual Joy

In West Garfield Park, there’s a special place where children can set aside their everyday worries for a few hours. It’s a place where 3,000+ kids can explore fun and build their futures. This is Off The Street Club. A community center where fear and anxiety are replaced with laughter and “Casual Joy”.

What is Casual Joy? Many of us overlook those simple, precious moments of childhood—the light in a child’s eyes when they feel loved, safe, and secure. It’s a look that speaks volumes, born from feeling truly cherished and protected. Every child knows this feeling, but all don’t get the chance to experience it regularly. Off The Street Club is where they can.

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A Place for Hope

Welcome To Off The Street Club

Dive into the heart of Off The Street Club, where every child in Chicago’s West Garfield Park finds a haven from adversity and a launchpad for hope and joy. Supported by the Chicago business community, this sanctuary fosters growth, safety, and a sense of belonging, transforming lives one smile at a time.

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Want to Volunteer?

Give Us One Thursday

Third one’s a charm.

Spending time with our kids instantly reveals the Club’s profound impact, adding extra meaning to their growth and success. Join us every third Thursday (October through May) for a night of activities that inspire and educate.

Reserve your spot on the downtown Chicago bus to the Club by RSVPing below. Leaving 401 N. Michigan Avenue at 5:45 p.m., enjoy dinner, and return around 10 p.m., witnessing first-hand the transformative power of our efforts.

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Get Involved

More Ways To Volunteer

Every day, volunteers are welcomed with the open arms and heartfelt love of our youth, underscoring the community’s vital role at Off The Street Club.

Explore volunteer opportunities below to actively shape our youth’s futures and strengthen our community. Your engagement directly contributes to nurturing success and growth.


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New Horizons Program

Become an adult chaperone and explore baseball games, museums, and more with our kids. Your participation introduces them to a world of firsts and new experiences.

group of volunteers standing in front of the Camp Mathieu sign

At Camp Mathieu

Join us at our 30-acre summer camp in Wheaton for swimming, camping, and nature studies. Your help brings the magic of summer to life for our kids.

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Time to Excel

Mentor a child through reading every Wednesday at 5 p.m. in the Edelman offices. Share stories that foster a bond and open new worlds, one book at a time.

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Save Our Summer

When temperatures rise in Chicago, so do violent crimes. That’s why Off The Street Club is sending out a huge S.O.S. (Save Our Summer) and we need your help! Our goal is to provide a safe and memorable summer for 1,000 kids. For every $600 donated, one kid will be sent to camp. Make your contribution today. After all, hope grows stronger in fresh air and sunshine. So do kids.

Donate to Save Our Summer

Ralph Campagna on giving hope. (7:11)

A Place For Hope

Watch Ralph Campagna,  Former Executive Director of Off The Street Club, share his deep commitment to the children’s future. Having been part of the club since he was three, he’s dedicated to ensuring every child feels safe and valued.

Inspiring Positive Change

A Place Where Kids Can Grow

Meet Keonta, a.k.a. Dragon, and hear about his life-changing adventures at Off The Street Club. From the thrill of the diving board to making friends and playing sports, Dragon’s experience highlights how joy and confidence can transform a child’s world.

Meet Dragon: Crazy good at drawing. Loves the Bulls, Cubs and Bears. (2:09)

The reason Off The Street Club and Camp Mathieu is so important to me is because it was my salvation.

As a kid, I came to this camp and it saved my life. On the West Side, the word safety is almost non-existent. You can walk into a situation any day and be in a lot of trouble.”

arnett morris standing in front of the off the street club painted sign

Arnett Morris

Executive Director, Off The Street Club

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Join our Community

Let’s Be Friends

Your support can light up lives. Help us continue offering a beacon of hope and safety for local youth.