Save Our Summer

With your help, kids can trade a summer of dodging violence, drugs and gang activity with all the positive summer camp activities that help shape a young adult.

Third Thursdays

Join us at Off The Street Club the third Thursday of each month to have fun spending time getting to know these great kids.

Help These Brave Children. Donate Now.

Give Hope

Your donation turns fear into laughter.
And every penny counts.

A Safe Place

There is a place in West Garfield Park where, for a few hours each day, reality is paused for the children living in this neighborhood. Where feelings of worry and fear are replaced with laughter and joy in a safe place to play.

It happens here, at Off The Street Club.
And 3,000 kids are counting on us.

Why We’re Hopeful

To spend time with any one of our kids is in-person proof of how much this
club matters. We give kids a safe place to play, laugh and be carefree.
In the words of our Executive Director Ralph Campagna, the most valuable thing we offer is Casual Joy.

Casual Joy is the simple childhood moments that most of us took for granted. It lies dormant inside many of the children who come to us, until it bursts out. Or sometimes, it is just a sweet, certain look that a child has in his or her eyes when they’re loved and safe and know it.

Stand By Hope

Watch Ralph Campagna, executive director of Off The Street Club, pour his heart out for the future of the kids. As the club has been an essential part of his childhood since the age of three, he stands up for the children to give them the first thing they seek for everyday of their lives: safety.

Meet Dragon

10 years old.
Crazy good at drawing.
Loves the Bulls, Cubs and Bears.

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